Professional Planning | Refined Design: Learn What Sets Natalia’s Event Planning Apart

Photography Credit: The Off Path Photography

We understand Natalia’s Event Planning is one of many service-providers to you in the broad market of event planning and design. We also realize that each business you’re considering for hire has their own services, costs, and procedures that make them different from the next. So, in this post, our goal is to help you identify some of the ways that the Natalia’s Event Planning experience is truly unique!

Our vision, mission, philosophy, values, tagline, and team motto are just a glimpse into the planning experience you can anticipate as our client. We understand that our client’s season of planning is often personal and emotional, so it’s important to us to build authentic relationships with them throughout the project. We ensure our client’s event will be an undeniable success and thrive on seeing them and their guests experience the occasion of a lifetime!

We hope you enjoy our professional and poised approach to managing your event project and believe the following NEP brand identity is what allows us to serve you best.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to offer best-in-class boutique event planning and bespoke event design services to our regional luxury market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create exceptional experiences for the host and their guests at each event. We accomplish this mission by working with and for our clients to achieve their unique event goals and expectations. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for a successful event is to share a common goal with our clients in creating a beautiful and memorable event for them and their guests. Our ideal client relationships are established through the personal vision of the client and their trust in our expertise as luxury event planners and designers.

Our Tagline

Professional Planning | Refined Design 

Our Team Values

At NEP, we are:

Fun & Creative

Professional & Poised


Our Team Motto

“In a casual world, be exceptional.”

Photography Credit: The Off Path Photography