Natalia’s DIY Balloon Garland

There’s just something creative and playful about out-of-the-ordinary balloons at a party. Although this craft takes time, it’s well worth the effort, because your guests will. be. impressed! Next time you need a party-pleaser, give my DIY balloon garland a go or just give me shout if you need an extra hand! Always happy to help – Enjoy!

What You’ll Need:

  • 32 5 inch balloons in 5 colors or your choice
  • 58 11 inch balloons in 5 colors of your choice
  • 7 feet of holed balloon tape
  • 200 glue dots
  • 5 3m command hooks


  • 5 floral sprigs
  • Clear duct tape
  • 4 Extra large trash bags
  • Balloon air pump

How to Assemble:

  1. Inflate all  5inch balloons to full size and stow in trash bag
  2. Inflate all 11 inch balloons into 3 varying sizes: 11, 9, and 7 inches. Stow each size of balloon in their respective trash bag.
  3. Allow a slack of 4 inches at beginning and end of balloon tape and fasten the 11inch and 9 inch balloons by pulling the neck through the hole in the balloon tape. Alternate every other hole and begin with the largest of the 11 inch balloons (this will be the bottom the garland) and finish with the smallest of the 9 inch balloons (this will be the top of the garland).
  4. Fasten the tape (as-is ) to your desired area using the 3m command hooks. Clear duct tape is an excellent alternative.
  5. Once the tape is secure, use the glue dots to place the 7 inch and 5 inch balloons to the larger balloons. Be sure to place the glue dots on the neck of the smaller balloons so that they are hidden from sight. Use additional glue dots on the body of the balloons as needed for extra hold.
  6. Ensure the sharp end of each faux floral sprig is sealed with clear tape, apply glue dots along the stem, and place throughout balloons as desired.
  7. Take a photo of your beautiful creation and enjoy with friends & family!


  • Balloons may be inflated up to 3 days prior to the event.
  • Store inflated balloons at room temperature.
  • This decor presents best over a large entry way or as a desert table backdrop.
  • To travel with this decor, complete steps 1-3 before commuting and steps 4-7 once you arrive to your event destination.