More Than a Pretty Party

Let’s Make This Party Pretty – Our tagline here at Natalia’s Event Planning is as catchy as it is true.

So, what does making a party “pretty” really mean to me?

It’s more beautiful than premium florals and lighting. It’s more satisfying than a prime cut of filet, and more glamorous than an airbrushed contour. Surely it entails a well-styled event, but it also ensures that the occasion will be planned and managed with precision, that your desires are exceeded, and that a standard of excellence has been delivered.

As your planner, I pay special attention to the things that you value while maintaining our event planning timeline. You can trust me to source dreamy rentals or strategically create an event floorplan that’s both functional and charming. I proactively review your contracts and look for opportunities to confirm agreement details and emphasize your expectations to each vendor.

Whether it’s facilitating family portraits or ensuring that Grandpa finds his seat at dinner alright, my role is to work with and for you months in advance and all day long during your special occasion. Partner with me for consultation on invitation etiquette and day-of agendas. That suit needs steamed? I’m on it. Mom needs her morning latte? Be right back! I’m your personal assistant – Your vendor management liaison.

So, if you’re ready to sit back, sip, and enjoy your party, Natalia’s will take it from here. Put on the tux, step into the dress, and just dance the night away, darling!

With grace,